Cool things announced at WWDC19!

I just got back from my trip to WWDC19 as a scholar and wow was it a wonderful experience! I learnt so many new things and made many contacts. It was filled to the brim with information though including the new os’s for Apple platforms. In this post I’m going to be going over some of the coolest things announced in my opinion. In the future I will go in depth on some of these topics and some more dev related stuff so look out for that! Let’s begin.


This is one of the most popular updates announced but for good reason as well. The previous framework used was UIKit for iOS(And macOS now!) where to create a simple tableView you needed many other required functions and protocols. Now you can set it up in just 10-20 lines of code! This can largely enhance the development process to let you focus on the fun parts of development which are more specific to your app. Learn more at There are many sessions on the topic as well which you can view on Apple’s developer website.

Xcode Live Preview

Along with Swift UI, a new live preview was demonstrated within Xcode where now code changes are instant and building your app occurs within Xcode itself. This is amazing to easily prototype and see small changes such as position or value of objects. Something that not many people know is that the live preview actually works for UIKit as well! This is very useful for those still using UIKit which most people are.

Sign in with Apple

A new authentication format was announced which allows users to authenticate using their iCloud and Face ID. This is super simple for iOS apps and easier to implement than other OAuth login systems. Everyone already uses Touch ID/Face ID so it can be really easy to maintain user data between Apple devices and even the web or android. Another cool thing which is part of Sign in with Apple is the automatic email relay. Basically Apple creates an email ID for users to provide to the app to prevent access of personal emails. Any emails sent to that email ID is forwarded automatically to your own email. This is super useful in terms of privacy for the user and developers.

Reality Kit/ Reality Composer

Reality kit is a new way to experience AR content with new lighting and animation. This is super cool to make your AR content feel more natural and part of the real world environment along with people occlusion. The really cool thing is Reality Composer which is a new way to edit AR in Xcode and on iOS. Now you can even preview the content on device while editing and just import it into Xcode and into your apps. Apple provides a large library of assets to use along with the ability to add more. Check out the beta in Apple Developer downloads.

Create ML

Now Create ML is a standalone app which is included as part of Xcode where you can easily train Core ML models. Currently you can train models with image, sound, object, text, speech classification. I’ll soon post a tutorial on how to create a simple image classifier and incorporate it into your app, Check that out soon!


So, those were some of my key announcements from WWDC! Be sure to stay on the lookout on my blog for more cool things from WWDC in the following weeks! Thank you so much for reading!

Written on June 9, 2019