Trackr - Manage Assignments coming Oct. 26

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on an app and it’s been in beta for a while. Please check out TestFlight if you would like to beta test!

I would like to share some information about the app in-depth and explain a bit of the story. Sorry about missing on the weekly posts, I’ll try my best moving forward. Let’s start with why I created the app.

Trackr’s Story

I would consider my self to be organized and keep up well with school assignments but it isn’t easy all the time. I thought creating an app for this would be useful which I could customize to my liking with cool features and maybe this could help my peers and other students around the world too. Thus Trackr started.

It originally began development at a local hackathon. Then I left it in my projects folder for a couple of months. Finally after I got accepted for a WWDC19 scholarship I thought I should be working on a serious project during the week so I could improve it and hopefully ship. I started working and it’s improved since June.

Some Features

  • A beautiful home page with all your assignments, sorted by due date
  • View your courses and contact instructors within the app
  • Use the today extension to view most upcoming assignments fast
  • Use Siri Shortcuts for efficient workflows
  • Customize with colours and custom app icons
  • Much more!

The future of Trackr

Here are just some of my thoughts about what’s going to come to Trackr as well as what it can evolve into and what impact it has.

  • Integration with Teachers with multiple classes
  • An actual user account
  • iCloud sync coming soon
  • A web app?
  • Mac support coming soon!
  • Sharing with friends within app
  • iMessage stickers and extension
  • Much more


I think that covers everything! Thanks for reading this post and there will definitely be more posts on Trackr in the future as well as other stuff.


Written on October 17, 2019