Open source, Open technologies, and Open Knowledge can have a huge impact worldwide on many people. Since I am participating in GCI 19 with the FOSSASIA organization, I thought I could do a blog post about this.

What is the meaning of Open things?

Anything that is open (Open Source, or Open Hardware) means that the product is created as a combined effort of a community/group and that anyone can contribute to it. In the case of Open Source software, the code is actively available for anyone to view and use for non-commercial purposes. They can also find issues or contribute new code.

What impact does it really have?

With the contributions of numerous people, we can have the best possible product and continually develop it to make it better. This creates a modern and up-to-date product with cool features. Also since it is available to everyone to view, they can learn more and adapt it with their own projects fostering the future of all tech products. Especially with open knowledge, people without ready access to premium courses can learn just as much and improve it with their own ideas as well.


Take FOSSASIA for example. They produce many open source projects, available on their Github. They also develop Pocket Science Lab an easy way for students to conduct science experiments and learn electronics which is open hardware where anyone can help with the project in different ways.


For me, an active developer, if I open-source my projects I receive feedback from others and new ideas which I couldn’t have come up with before. The app also gets better with new features and other variations and attracts more users as well.


That’s the end of this post, hope you liked it! Another post coming next week!