Hi everyone! My name is Pranav Karthik and this is another post for Google Code-In! In this post I am adding the transcript of an interview I did with my teacher at school about Open Source. While open source is huge and there are many impacts, I wanted to know what my teacher, especially thought about it.

The Interview

Me: What is your name?

Teacher: My name is Mr. Trevor Gibbens and I teach Electronics at Sir Winston Churchill School.

Me: What are your views on Open Source?

Teacher: Well, I believe open source is a great way for developers and others to collaborate together on software. They contribute together and can make the product much better than if they were alone. Also, new developers have the chance to refine their skills and begin working on real projects!

Me: What do you think about the Google Code-In competition?

Teacher: I think it’s a great initiative to allow younger audiences into the world of development and open source. Specifically they get real world experience which can help them in college and in their careers. The process also seems fun and engaging.

Me: Have you heard of the FOSSASIA organization and their initiatives?

Teacher: Yes, I’ve heard of them before. I believe they are an open source organization with new initiatives world wide with new products. I especially like their SUSI.AI project and the PSLab idea. I’ve worked with PCB’s before and allowing students to use them easily seems like a great idea!

Me: Any advice for GCI students?

Teacher: Of course! Try your best always and stay focused. Plan accordingly and meet your deadlines. That is always a surefire way towards success. Good luck.

Me: Thank you very much!

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